Swimming Pool Repair

Lots of us swimming pool owners face that point when it started to look aged, hard to maintain and in some cases hazardous for our families. None of them last forever, collecting problems and consume our money and time. Every day you look at it, and it does not get any better. Then you go online and check what is out there to fix it once and forever.. Well with so many varieties of conditions and finishes and we all know that each pool is different, it is almost impossible to make the right decision. With so many promises to reach your expectations , none of them will do. It just does not work that way. Submersed in the water concrete or fibreglass shell will deteriorate, that is just nature and what you need to concentrate on is to protect it from not getting any worse.

Some would also want to change a design to a modern slack look and bring that old dirty hole filled with water into new life.

We have been supplying a special coating for those pools for years. Good and trusted high build epoxy served lots of pools for decades, and now things are changing.

At the beginning of 2020 we introduced totally different chemically system with top coat made of Fluoropolymer FEVE Paint N Forget. Not only this new exciting coating comes in unlimited colours but also it will make your hard work of maintaining it so much easier. Hundreds pools now have this finish and more customers chose it as their ultimate option for such projects.

Pool before resurfacing
After great restoration

Pool resurfacing professionals now using this product over old epoxy any day and would never return to the old ways.

But hey… you can do it yourself. We will guide you through the process.

For more information about the right approach to pool repairs, click here.