Pebblecrete Pools

  • These are based on a reinforced concrete shell, and so the comments above about concrete pools should be read as well.
  • Pebblecrete is a trowelled on finish that comprises pebbles of about 2 – 5 mm in diameter within a cement matrix. Once applied and partly cured, the surface maybe water blasted or  given an acid wash to remove some cement matrix, leaving the pebbles more exposed.
  • Pebbles have tended to become smaller in recent times, leaving a somewhat smoother finish than earlier examples from the 1980s.
  • The pebbles are generally inert, however the cement matrix is slowly eaten away by pool water chemicals, leaving a rougher, more open surface over time.
  • Algae can enter the crevices leading to stains and algae growth which can be very hard to remove as the algae roots grow deep into the surface.
  • Pebblecrete may also become dislodged completely or drummy and no longer adhered to the underlying surface.
  • Cracks, stains and eroded areas may also be seen.
  • In older pools, they often require higher chemical doses to keep them looking good.
  • As the cement matrix wears away, the pebbles may become more noticeable and cut a young person’s feet.

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