Marblesheen Pools

  • These are constructed with a concrete shell so the comments above re bare concrete pools should also be read.
  • Marblesheen is composed of white cement and white marble chips (about 1 – 2 mm across) and if applied in the 1970’s may also include asbestos.
  • It was trowel applied and thus ranges in thickness from about 5 to 25 mm or more.
  • Depending on the skill of the installer it may have a hard, dense surface and lasted well, even 30 plus years. If a more open and porous surface then it may be showing its age within 10 years.
  • Marblesheen slowly becomes porous as the white cement matrix is worn and dissolved away leaving little crevices into which algae can grow nicely.
  • Marblesheen usually also loses its white colour taking on a more creamy look and may also have dark stains and black areas of algae infestation.
  • Random cracking is often noticed and some areas may be missing all together as it has lost adhesion.
  • Worn or eroded patches can be seen and drummy areas need to be checked for once the pool is empty.
  • Older pools may require ever increasing chemical does to keep them looking in a good condition and maintaining an acceptable water balance becomes harder.

Marblesheen is a reactive surface.

If you see aspects above that relate to your pool (Or spa) and wish to have your pool upgraded so as to get another new lease of life then we can help you.

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