Concrete Pools

If you have a concrete pool:

  • Is it bare concrete or some other surface?
  • Does it have cracks?
  • Suffer from algae attack?
  • Loose water?

Bare concrete pools (or plain rendered).

  • May suffer from algae attack as the pores within the concrete allow the algae to take hold and grow deep roots. Treating the pool water with algaecide becomes an expensive exercise with little long term result, as the treatment does not reach the roots at all.
  • There may be rust stains where the pool water (more of an issue if using salt) has entered micro cracks in the concrete and is now causing the reinforcement steel to corrode and expand inside the concrete shell. This is not a good thing at all. The rust stains are a tell-tale sign and need to be fully investigated.  Once started it can be difficult to stop completely and while the rusting is taking place it may result in the weakening of your pool structure causing even more damage. 
The render or surface layer maybe coming away leaving holes or worn areas. It may look good, but be drummy, that is it’s no longer attached to the underlying surface and has a hollow sound when tapped. Such surfaces will fail later on and should be looked at when the pool is empty.
 Occasionally we come across concrete pools where they have several vertical cracks about half way along the long sides. They reach from above the water line right down to the bottom and are generally wider at the top than at the bottom. The pool is often loosing water too. Such a situation is a sign of the pool “breaking its back” and may well be caused by non-uniform settlement. This can be seen after a long dry spell and then a wet spell. Simply put the bowl of the pool weighs a lot more as it got more water in it compared to the shallow end. As the ground changes in its ability to support the pool, one part (under the bowl) is not able to resist the extra weight and it drops the bowl more so than the shallow end, causing the vertical cracks. Such outcomes usually require skilled contractors to underpin and “glue” the pool structure back together.

If you see aspects above that relate to your pool (Or spa) and wish to have your pool upgraded to get another new lease of life, then we can help you.

We focus on using the best in coatings to resurface swimming pools. We offer proven hi build (long-lasting epoxy coatings) or the newest in water based technology for an environmentally friendly epoxy.  Either way you will gain as will your pool.

We cover all of Australia, and if DIY will send the products to you along with lots of helpful information or we work with many contractors who can apply the coating for you.

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