Quartzon and similar

Quartzon and similar pool finishes

  • These are applied to a reinforced concrete shell and as such the comments about concrete pools above should be noted.
  • Such finishes are comparatively new having been developed in the last 20 years. They tend to give a wide range of finishes, colours and added features.
  • They are generally trowel applied by skilled contractors and as such the long term performance is related to how well they were applied.
  • These surfaces do require good pool water management to keep looking good and if not achieved may show the effects of aging quickly.
  • Staining has been reported on some pools within 5 years of installation, which maybe more noticeable due to the colours and finishes achieved at time of application.
  • Such pools are generally not old enough yet to show long term issues, however poorly maintained pools are aging much as for Marblesheen and Pebblecrete.

If you see aspects above that relate to your pool (Or spa) and wish to have your pool upgraded so as to get another new lease of life then we can help you.

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