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Painted Pools

  • Most often these are reinforced concrete shells so the comments above about concrete pools should be studied.
  • There are two types of pool paint in common usage. Chlorinated rubber and epoxy.  Sometimes house paint (acrylic) has been used and also enamels. Neither of these 2 offer good performance in a pool environment and should NOT be used.
  • Chlorinated Rubber is a single pack (one component) solvent based coating that has been in use for over 50 years. Despite its name it’s not flexible, but is relatively low cost, has a strong solvent smell (50% solvent) and is often used in pools requiring economic paint. Chlorinated rubber must be applied to absolutely dry surfaces. In general it will last about 2 years, though it may last longer. It chalks and may bubble and blister as not chemically bonded to the surface. It is generally easy to recoat.
  • Epoxy coatings are two pack (resin and hardener) and usually solvent based though water based are becoming available now.  The correct epoxy to use is one formulated for use in pools, NOT a general grade which is not chlorine resistant nor designed for water immersion 24/7. It’s important to check this aspect as most epoxies are not designed for pool use.  Pool grade epoxies bond to the surface, slowly wear away and as such can be expected to last 10 years plus if applied thick enough. Thin coatings will be cheaper to apply but need to be recoated prematurely.

Painted pools offer a seamless, decorative surface which resists chemical attack, does not harbour algae and is usually easy to keep clean. Being nonreactive they tend to be more stable than other surfaces (similar to fibreglass) and can be easily repaired or upgraded as needs be. (DIY is a definite prospect)

If you see aspects above that relate to your pool (Or spa) and wish to have your pool upgraded so as to get another new lease of life then we can help you.

Hitchins Technologies focuses on using the best in epoxy coatings (Epotec) to resurface swimming pools. We offer proven hi build (long lasting epoxy coatings) or the newest in water based technology for an environmentally friendly epoxy.  Either way you will gain as will your pool.

We cover all of Australia, and if DIY will send the products to you along with lots of helpful information or we work with many contractors who can apply the coating for you.[/column]

Contact us    for more assistance or go to our  web site  for more information .

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